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Fast Downward 19.12

Fast Downward 19.12 was released on December 20, 2019.



For Singularity, Docker and Vagrant, see QuickStart for instructions on how to run the planner. That page explains how to run the latest release of Fast Downward, so you have to amend the instructions if you want to run an older release.

For the tarball, if you have satisfied all dependencies, the following should build and run the planner with configuration alias lama-first on PDDL files /path/to/domain.pddl and /path/to/problem.pddl on a Linux or macOS system:

tar -xvzf fast-downward-19.12.tar.gz
cd fast-downward-19.12
./ --alias lama-first /path/to/domain.pddl /path/to/problem.pddl

For dependencies and more advanced information (including Windows builds), see ObtainingAndRunningFastDownward.


For licensing reasons, features related to LP solvers are unavailable in the released version if you use Docker, Singularity or Vagrant. We hope to improve integration of LP solvers into the releases in the future.

The source tarball release will use an LP solver if it has been appropriately configured at build time. See LPBuildInstructions for more information.

Referencing Fast Downward 19.12

If you use this version of Fast Downward in a scientific publication, we encourage you to mention the version number, as in "We ran experiments with Fast Downward 19.12." The canonical reference for citing Fast Downward is the following journal paper:

  author =  "Malte Helmert",
  title =   "The {Fast} {Downward} Planning System",
  journal = "Journal of Artificial Intelligence Research",
  year =    "2006",
  volume =  "26",
  pages =   "191--246"

Changes in Fast Downward 19.12

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