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[DIFF] 17:52 Info MalteHelmert Mention alternative way of specifying compiler.
[DIFF] 14:31 Info MalteHelmert Remove 32-bit comments: Fast Downward now always runs with 64-bit compiles (or more precisely native bitwidth, which amounts to the same thing).
[DIFF] 10:29 Info XmlRpcBot
[DIFF] 16:53 Info SalomeEriksson
[DIFF] 12:56 Info ClemensBuechner [1-2]
[DIFF] 11:58 Info GabiRoeger [1-2]
[DIFF] 15:29 Info SilvanSievers alternative git workflow
[DIFF] 18:07 Info SalomeEriksson Updated workflow to account for new tracking of issue changes
[DIFF] 17:57 Info FlorianPommerening [1-2] #01 Document new let syntax
#02 Removed deprecated option syntax to specify enums as integers.
[DIFF] 15:46 Info FlorianPommerening IWYU is no longer compatible.
[DIFF] 15:43 Info FlorianPommerening Update minimal compiler versions.
[DIFF] 15:39 Info FlorianPommerening Update list of tested GCC and clang versions.
[DIFF] 16:18 Info XmlRpcBot
[DIFF] 16:18 Info XmlRpcBot
[DIFF] 16:18 Info XmlRpcBot
[DIFF] 16:47 Info XmlRpcBot
[DIFF] 16:47 Info XmlRpcBot
[DIFF] 16:47 Info XmlRpcBot
[DIFF] 16:47 Info XmlRpcBot
[DIFF] 16:47 Info XmlRpcBot
[DIFF] 16:47 Info XmlRpcBot
[DIFF] 16:47 Info XmlRpcBot
[DIFF] 15:40 Info FlorianPommerening [1-5]
MalteHelmert [6]
#01 add warning about outdated content
#02 allow_predefinition -> allow_variable_bindi ng
#03 enrich -> decorate
#04 Upload of attachment 'parsing_4.png'.
#05 Attachment 'parsing_4.png' deleted.
#06 fix some broken wiki syntax


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