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[DIFF] 15:02 Info FlorianPommerening [1-2,4,11-12]
MalteHelmert [3]
SilvanSievers [5-10]
#01 change OSI instructions for macOS
#02 change recommended way to build OSI to a dynamic build (see issue 925)
#04 Installing SoPlex on the grid
#05 fix incdir
#06 path
#07 update path
#08 hint
#09 fix url
#10 cplex instructions
#11 Updated OSI installation instructions
#12 SoPlex Installation
[DIFF] 23:28 Info XmlRpcBot
[DIFF] 22:21 Info TestAccount
[DIFF] 10:00 Info JendrikSeipp Update long-term plans and component interaction problem section
[DIFF] 09:27 Info GuillemFrances Add remark on Docker performance overhead
[DIFF] 16:18 Info GuillemFrances [1-2]
FlorianPommerening [3]
#01 Elaborate recommendations of which distribution to use.
#02 Add a description of the recommended use cases
#03 Successfull test with Singularity 3.2
[DIFF] 15:58 Info MalteHelmert [1-3] #01 List Singularity before Docker because it is more preferred (much lower overhead).
#02 direct link to Vagrantfile (skip intermediate "attachment" page)
[DIFF] 17:04 Info GuillemFrances [1-4,7-8]
GuillemFrances [5-6]
#01 Update instructions for bugfix releases.
#02 Add warning note for Singularity.
#04 Elaborate release workflow a bit more.
#08 Add reminder about updating contributor list
[DIFF] 09:53 Info MalteHelmert [1-2] #01 Avoid very long lines.


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