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We recommend using the downward package for running Fast Downward experiments. It is part of lab, a python library for running code on large benchmark sets. Experiments can be run either locally or on a computer cluster. You can find the code at The documentation is available at

Experiments on Maia (AI-Basel grid)

Please follow the instructions in the downward tutorial to install the necessary components.

The components need some environment variables and program modules. Here is an example ~/.profile file (from May 2016):

   1 export PATH=${PATH}:${HOME}/bin  # You can put the "validate" executable here
   2 export PYTHONPATH="~/lib/python/lab:~/lib/cplex/CPLEX_Studio/cplex/python/x86-64_sles10_4.1/"
   4 export DOWNWARD_CPLEX_INCDIR=~/lib/cplex/cplex/include/ilcplex
   5 export DOWNWARD_CPLEX_LIBDIR=~/lib/cplex/cplex/lib/x86_sles10_4.1/static_pic
   6 export DOWNWARD_CPLEX_ROOT=~/lib/cplex/cplex
   7 export DOWNWARD_COIN_ROOT=~/lib/coin
   9 module purge
  10 module -q load Mercurial/2.5.2-goolf-1.4.10-Python-2.7.5  # Also loads Python 2.7
  11 module -q load Clang/3.3-GCC-4.8.2  # Also loads GCC 4.8
  12 module -q load CMake/2.8.11-GCC-4.8.2

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