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 * git commit --allow-empty -m "start branch issue999"
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 * git commit --allow-empty -m "close branch issue999"
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Discussion on workflow:
 * do we want "opening" and "closing" commits for branches?
   * [Silvan] I don't think we necessarily do, but it wouldn't hurt to have them.
   * [Jendrik] I don't think they make sense for Git and only complicate the workflow.
   * [Malte] I agree with Jendrik. In Mercurial they do something important to the metadata, in git they don't, and they are not idiomatic.

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Our Git workflow (work in progress)

Outcome of the discussion in the Fast Downward meeting on 21 February:

  • we want to use branches for issues and basically follow our previous Mercurial workflow, i.e., have one feature branch for each issue
  • when integrating branches into master, we do not squash commits and we do not fast forward, i.e., we want to preserve the non-linear history of commits and always have a proper merge commit for the integration
  • we delete branches (the pointer) after integration
  • to identify commits on a branch, we prepend "issue999: " to all commits of the branch issue999
  • TODO: what did we decide w.r.t. to having "cross references"/links to issues etc. in commit messages?

Best practices:

  • TODO: git bisect with --first-parent etc. (Malte sent a few links)
  • TODO: how to configure git + meld
  • TODO: can we use github's facilities on the webpage for, e.g., merging pull requests or does this do "wrong" things?

Suggested workflow:

  • git checkout -b issue999
  • ...
  • git commit -m "some changes"
  • ...
  • git tag -a issue999-base -m "add tag issue999-base" <rev>

  • git tag -a issue999-v1 -m "add tag issue999-v1" <rev>

  • git push --set-upstream origin issue999 --tags
  • ...
  • git checkout master
  • git merge --no-ff issue999
  • git branch -d issue999
  • git push

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