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Open lists

1. Alternation open list

alt(openlists, boost=0)

Alternates between several open lists.

Preferred operators: Preferred operators are only taken from sub-open-lists that do not consider the evaluated state a dead end.

Dead ends: A state is considered a dead end if either all alternated open lists agree that it is a dead end or at least one reliable open list considers is a dead end. A state is never inserted into a sub-open-list that considers it a dead end.

Note: The treatment of dead ends is different from the one described in the technical report "The More, the Merrier: Combining Heuristic Estimators for Satisficing Planning (Extended Version)" (Department of Computer Science at Freiburg University, No. 258, 2010)

2. Pareto open list

pareto(evals, pref_only=false, 

Selects one of the Pareto-optimal (regarding the sub-evaluators) entry for removal.

3. Standard open list

single(evaluator, pref_only=false)

Standard open list that uses a single evaluator.

4. Bucket-based open list

single_buckets(evaluator, pref_only=false)

Bucket-based open list implementation that uses a single evaluator.

5. Tie-breaking open list

tiebreaking(evals, pref_only=false, 

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