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Literature on Fast Downward and related topics

This page links to some papers that may be of interest for people working on the Fast Downward codebase or using Fast Downward in their research. For papers that are not about the algorithms implemented within Fast Downward but rather about applications and uses of Fast Downward, check the Users page.

/!\ So far, this page does not intend to be comprehensive or even cover the most important papers. Rather, we're adding things on an as-needed basis. So being listed on this page doesn't necessarily mean that a paper is more important to Fast Downward than papers not listed here.

For many of the papers shown on this page, presentation slides are available on Malte's publications page. These may provide a gentler introduction to the important concepts than the more technical papers.

Fast Downward architecture

Landmark heuristics

The original landmark heuristic was initially developed by Matthias Westphal as a semester project. It was later developed further by Silvia Richter, leading to the work described in the AAAI paper by Silvia Richter, Malte Helmert and Matthias Westphal. After that, Silvia Richter and Matthias Westphal developed the heuristics even further for their LAMA planner, which is described in detail in their JAIR paper. The LAMA implementation served as the basis for the work on admissible heuristics by Erez Karpas and Carmel Domshlak, which in turn was extended to a more general class of landmarks in the paper by Emil Keyder, Silvia Richter and Malte Helmert.