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 * PddlSupport (Which fragment of PDDL does Fast Downward support?)

Fast Downward home page

Congratulations, you have found the somewhat poorly hidden Fast Downward home page! There isn't as much information available here yet as we hope to have eventually, but it's a start.

Contact & other Fast Downward resources

History and credits

The current version of Fast Downward is the merger of three different projects:

  • The original version of Fast Downward developed by Malte Helmert and Silvia Richter
  • LAMA, developed by Silvia Richter and Matthias Westphal based on the original Fast Downward
  • FD-Tech, a modified version of Fast Downward developed by Erez Karpas and Michael Katz based on the original code

In addition to these three main sources, the codebase incorporates code and features from numerous branches of the Fast Downward codebase developed for various research papers. The main contributors to these branches are Malte Helmert, Gabi Röger and Silvia Richter.

Since the codebases have been merged, the principal people who have developed the code further are Malte Helmert, Gabi Röger, Erez Karpas, and Jendrik Seipp. Other substantial contributions have been made by Moritz Gronbach, Silvan Sievers, Raz Nissim and Manuela Ortlieb.

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