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 * [[/AddingSourceFiles]]: how to add new source files to the planner

Back to the HomePage.

Information for developers


  • /AddingSourceFiles: how to add new source files to the planner

  • /Mercurial: our Mercurial workflow and Mercurial tips and tricks

  • /CodingConventions: coding conventions for C++ code

  • /Whitespace: how to indent, where to break lines, where to put spaces etc. in C++ code

  • /Uncrustify: using the uncrustify source code pretty printer, including integration with Mercurial

  • /Includes: using include-what-you-use to find missing/redundant includes and forward declarations

  • /CodeReview: how to use the Rietveld code review tool with our codebase

  • /GkiGrid: how to run experiments on the GKI grid

  • /BuildBot: buildbot information

  • /ImplementationDetails: more in-depth descriptions on how some classes are implemented

  • /CodeBasesToMerge: code from papers we want to merge in the (medium-term) future

  • /ProblemTransformations: problem transformations performed by the planner that might trip up users interested in non-classical planning

  • /CmakeTipsAndTricks: tips and tricks for CMake

Other bits and pieces

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