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 * [[/Workflow]]: our Mercurial workflow  * [[/Mercurial]]: our Mercurial workflow and Mercurial tips and tricks

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Information for developers


  • /Mercurial: our Mercurial workflow and Mercurial tips and tricks

  • /CodingConventions: coding conventions for C++ code

  • /Whitespace: how to indent, where to break lines, where to put spaces etc. in C++ code

  • /Uncrustify: using the uncrustify source code pretty printer, including integration with Mercurial

  • /CodeReview: how to use the Rietveld code review tool with our codebase

Other bits and pieces

  • Python code: We follow PEP 8.

  • Commit messages: The first line of the commit message should consist of a self-contained summary and be no longer than 67 characters. All other lines should be below 80 characters.

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