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= Coding conventions = = Information for developers =
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 * [[./Formatting]]: line length, how to break lines, where to put spaces, etc. Subpages:

 * [[/Requirements]]: the set of rules regarding which versions of operating systems, compilers etc. we support
 * [[/DevelopmentSetup]]: which tools to install for working on the planner
 * [[/AddingSourceFiles]]: how to add new source files to the planner
 * [[/Git]]: our Git workflow and Git tips and tricks
 * [[/CodingConventions]]: coding conventions for C++ code
 * [[/Whitespace]]: how to indent, where to break lines, where to put spaces etc. in C++ code
 * [[/Uncrustify]]: using the {{{uncrustify}}} source code pretty printer
 * [[/Includes]]: using {{{include-what-you-use}}} to find missing/redundant includes and forward declarations
 * [[/CodeReview]]: how to use Github pull requests for code reviews
 * [[/GithubActions]]: information on Github actions
 * [[/ImplementationDetails]]: more in-depth descriptions on how some classes are implemented
 * [[/CodeBasesToMerge]]: code from papers we want to merge in the (medium-term) future
 * [[/ReviewQueue]]: Malte's FIFO list of issues to review
 * [[/LongTermPlans]]: long-term wishlist of changes with broader scope
 * [[/ProblemTransformations]]: problem transformations performed by the planner that might trip up users interested in non-classical planning
 * [[/CmakeTipsAndTricks]]: tips and tricks for CMake
 * [[/Profiling]]: on using valgrind and friends
 * [[/ReleaseWorkflow]]: how to create a release version
 * [[/ChangelogFormat]]: description of the changelog format
 * [[/Sprint]]: information, statistics, and news about our Fast Downward sprints
 * [[/Blog]]: articles describing parts of the code base

== Other bits and pieces ==

 * '''Mailing lists:''' Core developers, please subscribe to both the public and the internal mailing lists mentioned on the HomePage.
 * '''Admin interface to the internal mailing list:''' https://www.maillist.unibas.ch/mailman/options/downward-dev/
 * '''Python code:''' We follow [[http://www.python.org/dev/peps/pep-0008/|PEP 8]] and support Python >= 3.6.

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Information for developers


Other bits and pieces

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