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Problem transformations performed by the planner

Some developers have tried to adapt Fast Downward to other settings than classical sequential planning, such as step-based classical planning ("parallel planning"), temporal planning, or variations of replanning, planning under uncertainty, or other kinds of planning that involve interleaving planning and execution.

If you intend to use the planner in this fashion, you need to be aware that it implements certain optimizations that only apply to classical sequential planning and to the given initial state and goal from the PDDL file.

Making the planner better for non-classical uses

If there is sufficient interest, we can try to make some of the transformations below optional, so that interested parties can disable them. In some cases, this is a lot of work, so we are very interested in hearing from you (e.g. by email to the public Fast Downward mailing list) if you think you would benefit from such changes.

List of transformations

This list is very likely incomplete. Please contact us (by email or on the issue tracker) if you think there may be something that should be added here.

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