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 * ExitCodes (Documentation of exit codes as returned by the planner)

Fast Downward home page

Congratulations, you have found the somewhat poorly hidden Fast Downward home page! There isn't as much information available here yet as we hope to have eventually, but it's a start.

Contact & other Fast Downward resources

  • public mailing list: Google group fast-downward (for users and non-core developers)

  • internal mailing list: downward-dev (for internal discussions among the core developers)

  • general questions: please write to the public mailing list if at all possible; this helps spread the load on answering questions and makes it possible for others to benefit from the answer

    • in exceptional cases, you can email Malte Helmert <malte.helmert@unibas.ch>, but please note that Malte is overloaded with emails

  • issue tracker (for bugs and other issues): http://issues.fast-downward.org

  • public Mercurial repository: http://hg.fast-downward.org (includes Atom feed and RSS feed that update on every commit)

  • buildbot: http://buildbot.fast-downward.org


For a brief history and a list of contributors, please see the file CONTRIBUTORS in the repository.

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