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We use Buildbot for automated building and testing of Fast Downward. The Buildbot master for Fast Downward is located at We recommend running ./misc/run-all-tests locally before pushing to the master repository, to catch style and compilation errors (on the same operating system) early. This script can also help you to fix any errors the Buildbot found in your code.

Buildbot Setup

The setup is documented in the DMI wiki (only accessible from the Uni Basel network).

Buildbot Configuration

Our Buildbot uses eight workers with different operating systems, compilers, and LP solvers:

On every commit on the default branch, we run the following tests

In addition to the tests that run on every commit, we run a nightly and a weekly test, that both run some default configurations on the first problem of Gripper and Miconic to check for any performance regressions. We also have a builder that can only be triggered manually and recreates the baseline for these nightly/weekly tests.

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